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Designing Solar Installations for College Campuses

By November 22, 2021November 23rd, 2021Blog

Schools are one of the many organizations that can benefit from solar energy. Of course, there are challenges to placing solar panels on school sites, but those challenges are easy to overcome with smart design techniques. We invite you to walk through this process with Coldwell Solar, your commercial solar company in California. Inside we look at how to design solar installations for college campuses.

The Challenges of Solar for College Campuses

Small Property Size: Not every college campus has sprawling acreage on which to place a solar array. The smaller the campus, the more challenging it is to place enough solar panels to impact energy needs positively. As your solar energy company in California, Coldwell Solar uses innovative design to produce the most energy from your acreage through smart solar panel installations.

Through smart solar design, Coldwell Solar uncovers areas where solar panels:

  • Create a double usage for space
  • Safely collect solar radiation
  • Positively impact the amount of energy produced on even smaller campuses

Space with two or more uses

Parking lots are an excellent example of a space where solar panel installation creates additional usage from a large and single-use space. By installing solar panels above a parking lot, college campuses gain several positive benefits.

  • Shaded parking for students and faculty
  • A large area for solar collection, which means more incoming solar electricity for the campus.

Commercial and industrial solar in California means Coldwell Solar has the experience to place solar arrays over existing infrastructure to create multi-use spaces. For example, parking lots are large, single-use spaces. While they provide the benefit of fee collection for parking, they are generally a single-use structure. By pairing solar and parking, campuses of all sizes benefit from solar energy without changing the existing benefits of parking lots. Not only is there energy production, but through intelligent solar design, a big slab of blacktop becomes a shaded place to park. When you need commercial solar energy solutions in California, Coldwell Solar has the answers that fit your campus.

Room to Grow As You Grow

The nature of solar power means that you can add panels to an existing space as that space expands. Solar also means adding green energy to new building projects without the immense cost of creating infrastructure. Campuses can create small solar fields that supply energy to specific locations and create off-grid or grid-tied energy beacons within smaller campuses. The options for rooftop-mounted solar in combination with solar panel placement on other structures, such as parking structures, outbuildings, or even ground-mounted systems, allow for the creation of smaller energy production centers.

With smart technology, all small energy production centers have the option of being monitored centrally and controlled centrally. Coldwell Solar has extensive experience with producing the most energy from small campuses. With tricks we learned from installations on large acre projects, such as agricultural solar energy systems, Coldwell can design and install a solar array that meets or exceeds your solar energy production needs.

Smart Tech Improves Solar Energy Availability

Many large installations of solar have one solar array. However, it can be challenging to find a space large enough to install one large solar array on smaller campuses. Often, campus buildings are segregated around the campus. The art complex is here, the science buildings are way over there, etc. Each compound of buildings has its own unique power needs. Smaller arrays can help deliver the exact amount of energy to each compound.

With the use of smart solar technology, the management of energy becomes more effortless. Excess energy in one compound can feed the energy needs of the rest of the system. If one compound has better light in the morning but early shading in the late afternoon, its energy production drops off earlier. The excess energy from a parking lot can sustain that compound. With smart, tech much of that process of routing energy becomes automated.

Smart tech makes energy management even when you have a single, large array. Contact us today to learn more about the commercial solar options that Coldwell Solar can provide for your campus.