Orchards, vineyards, dairies and other farms with heavy power usage or multiple meters

Dramatically reduce electric utility pumping and equipment costs

With the stress of varying crop yields, changing weather patterns, pumping costs, and high power consumption, farmers and growers already have a challenging task at hand. With our $0 down agriculture program, we can help achieve peace of mind for owners of dairy farms, fruit & nut orchards, vineyards, and other farms. By harnessing clean solar energy, you can dramatically reduce the energy consumption for your industrial or processing equipment.

Benefit from efficient new aggregate metering

Until very recently, solar was not a viable option for customers with multiple pumps and meters. Thanks to recent legislation passed in California, farmers and growers can utilize aggregate metering. This ensures that the electrical consumption from pumps or meters on contiguous properties may be combined. Coldwell Solar puts this legislation to use for you by designing and installing one efficient turnkey solar energy system that spans multiple properties. Its efficient design will allow you to significantly lower your everyday operating costs.