Manufacturing, industrial, commercial and other businesses looking to benefit from solar power.

Manufacturing and industrial facilities

Assembly lines, electric motors, and other processing equipment have a large impact on electrical usage. To make forecasting even more complex, commercial electric utility rates tend to rise every year; adding to the unpredictability of costs for your business. Coldwell Solar can reduce or eliminate your energy rates by deploying a solution designed to be cost effective. Besides the obvious impact on dollar savings, facility managers will be able to predict electric costs over the 30-40 year lifespan of their solar energy system.

Public works and government projects

Coldwell Solar team members have vast experience in the government project arena. We understand the importance of accurate estimations and delivering turnkey installations that are on-time and within budget. Our goal is to make your transition to clean energy simple, efficient, and worry-free. Once your system is completed, you can expect positive public relations, economic savings, and environmental benefits.