Cold storage, packing houses, processors, wineries and other agriculture business facilities.

Work with a solar partner who knows what you do

Coldwell Solar is a trusted and experienced solar provider for the agriculture industry. Our customers include cold storage, processors, packing houses, and wineries. Our team is very familiar with the seasonal, if not highly variable, energy demands that agribusiness facilities experience. With deep industry knowledge, we analyze your electric consumption, facility usage patterns, and other key metrics in order to deliver an optimal solar design and installation.

Reduce your operating costs and increase your bottom line

Faced with unpredictable and fluctuating energy costs, businesses are increasingly searching for ways to preserve, if not to increase, their bottom line. Coldwell Solar will work with you to develop a comprehensive financial and energy savings plan that can ensure seamless business operations. Our site analysis includes an in-depth understanding of your current business operations and financial condition as it relates to energy usage.