Coldwell Solar understands that schools typically have a limited footprint and that either buying or leasing additional real estate for solar energy is unlikely. In such cases, our roofing and parking area installations provide an ideal solution that offers both positive community impact and significant cost reductions by taking advantage of under-utilized real estate.

If you want to educate your students on better ways to take care of the planet they’ll be inheriting, a great way to do that is to lead by example. Installing a Coldwell Solar energy system in your school’s parking lot will not only help you offset CO2 emissions, but it will also have a wider community impact. It also provides much-needed shade during hot months and is a great way to generate public relations for your school that makes an impact.

Public works and government projects

Coldwell Solar team members have vast experience in the government project arena. We understand the importance of accurate estimations and delivering turnkey installations that are on-time and within budget. Our goal is to make your transition to clean energy simple, efficient, and worry-free. Once your system is completed, you can expect positive public relations, economic savings and environmental benefits.