Our portfolio highlights some of our recent projects. Click on any of the projects below for more information and examples.

Mustards Grill, Napa, California

Legendary Napa Valley Mustards Grill had a vacant four-acre parcel, and the owners wanted to make the best possible use of the land. With a long-standing commitment to sustainability, they decided to explore investing in a solar energy system that would have the dual benefits of cutting electricity costs and reducing the restaurant’s carbon footprint. Mustards Grill cut their electricity costs to zero with their solar power system by Coldwell Solar.


Sierra View Dairy
Tulare, California

Red Rock Dairy
Merced, California

MTSJ Dairy
Orland, California

Visalia Citrus Packing Group
Orange Cove, California

Gold River Orchard
Escalon, California

DG Farms
Pixley, California

Dairyland Farms
Tipton, California

Andpak Inc.
Morgan Hill, California

Five Star II
Tipton, California