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Whether you’re an agricultural, industrial, or commercial business in California, our solar consulting services include a full feasibility analysis in order to help you decide whether solar energy is a viable option for you.

Coldwell Solar

Our solar company is proud to be a leader in the solar project towards reducing companies’ carbon footprint and fossil fuels dependence in the United States. Prioritizing the California solar industry, we strive to make a difference in the clean energy project by redirecting energy dependencies towards renewable solar power through our cost-saving solar panel systems. As commercial solar consultants, we want to provide our clients and potential clients with the amazing experience of receiving the environmental and cost-saving benefits of our renewable energy systems and resources.

Is solar the right option for you?

A thorough feasibility analysis is an important – and often overlooked – aspect of solar energy systems planning. Our experienced team of solar consultants is ready to guide you through a four-step process in order to decide whether a commercial solar system is feasible in your particular situation. If it is an attractive option for you, our solar consultants will then explore how to optimize your commercial solar installation and maximize its effectiveness.

Power management

Using an extensive assessment of your historical power usage and billing data, our solar experts will conduct a financial analysis to determine the true cost of power usage at your company. This includes the quantity of energy consumed, energy usage pattern, and cost savings potential. By understanding your business activities and operations, you’ll receive comprehensive solar solutions that will improve your company’s overall profitability and create opportunities for additional financial benefits. The goal is to work together to determine the best practices for your solar energy needs and achieve a power management model that is viable for your company. By freeing up working capital that is otherwise spent on energy bills and power consumption, your company can achieve significant energy cost savings and true sustainability.

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The Fed has passed a bill granting renewable energy funds, meaning an expanded tax credit for renewable energy users

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