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Solar for commercial and industrial building owners offers important financial benefits. Solar can reduce or eliminate electricity costs, increasing cash flow and creating predictable monthly energy costs.

Roof-Mounted Solar

Our roof-mounted solar installations have been designed to maximize dollar savings by converting abundant roof space into a conduit for clean energy generation. We can engineer solutions that are low maintenance and long-lasting.

Solar Carports

Economical alternative to complex and expensive roof mount systems – Solar carports let you take full advantage of large parking areas for the purpose of producing electricity while providing shade to parked vehicles, employees and visitors.

Commercial Buildings

Commercial building owners can benefit from solar energy in more ways than one. Solar is a great way for your new construction and retrofit projects to gain LEED credits – as well as reduce future energy costs. To a commercial building owner, this means maximizing output and dollar savings each month when compared to your current electric utility company. For almost every kind of commercial construction project, Coldwell Solar can help set your business apart from the competition. It can also generate positive public relations by integrating a high-performance solar energy system.

Budget and timeline can be sensitive subjects for architects and general contractors. Our project management and site teams are adept at bringing projects to fruition both on time and on budget. Our collaborative field and design team approach to implementation enables us to minimize installation time and keep budgets intact.

Commercial buildings are a broad category and no two properties are the same. Usage patterns and demand for commercial entities vary widely depending on the type of business occupying the facility. Our experienced design and engineering team has the ability to tailor a solution with maximum effectiveness for virtually any situation. All we need is your input on any unforeseen space limitations and we’ll handle the rest.

Manufacturing and industrial facilities

Assembly lines, electric motors and other processing equipment have a large impact on electrical usage. To make forecasting even more complex, commercial electric utility rates tend to rise every year; adding to the unpredictability of costs for your business. Coldwell Solar can reduce or eliminate your energy rates by deploying a solution designed to be cost effective. Besides the obvious impact on dollar savings, facility managers will be able to predict electric costs over the 30-40 year lifespan of their solar energy system.

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The Fed has passed a bill granting renewable energy funds, meaning an expanded tax credit for renewable energy users

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