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Coldwell Solar is the most trusted and experienced provider of solar energy for agriculture and food processing industries.

Farmers, growers, food processors and wineries

With solar radiation making up 99.9% of all energy available on Earth, solar energy is a crucial source of renewable energy for agricultural production and processing. Coldwell Solar is a trusted and experienced solar company for these industries where sunlight is key. With solar energy being a great choice for many different agricultural practices, we have a wide variety of customers including dairy farms, orchards, vineyards, processors, packing houses, and wineries. Our team is very familiar with the seasonal and highly variable energy demands that agribusinesses experience. We analyze your electric consumption, facility usage patterns, and other key metrics in order to deliver the optimal solar equipment and installation.

Invest in the future

California agricultural and food processing businesses have been embracing solar energy in recent years at a rapid rate. With solar energy being much cheaper than fossil fuels plus the added benefit of predictable energy costs for decades to come, it is no surprise that solar is an attractive investment. Thanks to an abundance of sunshine, state programs, and federal incentives, the opportunity to reduce or eliminate energy costs have immediate bottom-line benefits and short pay-back periods.

One of these benefits is that once solar panels are in place you do not have to worry about power cuts that can arise from a drought or other unexpected occurrences, as you no longer have to rely on a third party to carry out your business. In addition, agricultural operations that utilize clean energy can not only help to improve agricultural economy, but the United States as a whole.

Benefit from efficient aggregate metering

Solar has not always been a viable option for customers with multiple pumps and meters. Thanks to recent legislation passed in California, farmers and growers can utilize net energy metering. Net energy metering aggregation (NEMA) allows owners of solar systems or other renewable generation facilities to apply energy generation credit from a single solar installation across multiple metered accounts. This is extremely important because it means that a single solar energy system can offset electrical energy used in facilities that are not directly connected to the solar power system, which was not always an option. Coldwell Solar puts this legislation to use for you by designing and installing one efficient turnkey solar energy system that spans multiple properties. This solar system’s efficient design will allow you to significantly lower your everyday operating costs.

Monitoring and service

We know downtime is unacceptable and that you don’t want to be in the solar maintenance business. Coldwell Solar stands behind all aspects of the project from solar development and solar installation to maintenance and monitoring, and even reviewing your utility bill and usage. Business owners can be assured of maximum energy production and proactive, in-person service.

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The Fed has passed a bill granting renewable energy funds, meaning an expanded tax credit for renewable energy users

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