Municipal utilities and public power electric companies are uniquely positioned to benefit from solar power.

Meet increasing renewable portfolio standards

All utilities are under pressure to meet an increasing RPS while reducing the carbon footprint. At the same time, with coal burning plants retiring and nuclear power plants approaching the end of their service life, a gap in utility power supply portfolios begins to take shape. Coldwell Solar has experience developing utility scale projects. Our team can assist with each step in the process including development, design and engineering, project management, construction, and commissioning.

Consumer demands with under-utilized land

Rate payers, businesses, and residents served by utilities are demanding clean and sustainable power that is localized, distributed, and clean for their communities. Municipalities and public utilities own under-utilized land including closed landfills and brownfields. Developing these sites for solar power creates multiple benefits: clean and renewable energy, local support, competitively-priced power, and economic development.