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Why Solar for Orchards in California Makes Sense

Solar for orchards can dramatically and immediately reduce or eliminate electricity costs for energy-intensive facilities, from pump stations to temperature-controlled barns and storage facilities. State programs and federal incentives have made solar an attractive alternative in sunny California.

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Predictable Future

Solar power brings a much needed predictability to energy costs for orchards faced with unpredictable weather patterns, crop yields and energy prices with minimal out-of-pocket costs. It’s no wonder more and more orchards are investing in solar energy.

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Powerful Opportunity

The economic and environmental benefits of solar for orchards can be powerful. The price of solar panels have dipped to all-time lows, and the federal Investment Credit Tax, which provides a 30 percent price reduction in most cases, has been extended through 2020. Some states have additional tax deductions to make solar energy even more attractive.

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Deep Roots in California

With deep roots in agriculture-rich California, Coldwell Solar customers include some of the largest orchards and other agricultural business seeking to achieve environmental and economic sustainability. We start by analyzing your electric consumption, facility usage patterns, and other key metrics in order to deliver an optimal solar design and installation.

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Benefits of Aggregated Metering

Net Energy Metering Aggregation (NEMA) has the potential to dramatically accelerate the ROI on solar for dairies in California. Orchards in California can utilize aggregate metering, where multiple meters on contiguous properties can be aggregated and energy costs offset by a single solar energy system, even if the meters are not connected to solar power.

Solar Power for Sierra Gold Nurseries in Yuba City, CA

Sierra Gold Nurseries is one of the nation’s largest producers of trees for fruit and nut growers. In addition to pumping water, they also host a temperature-controlled micropropagation lab lit by 2,000 LED lights. With all of the state programs and federal incentives, it made solar hard to resist.

“The combination of incentives, net metering and the payback timeline made solar energy impossible to resist.”

More About This Project

Orchards throughout California trust Coldwell Solar to build the most reliable and most durable solar installations specifically designed to perform in agricultural environments.


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