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5 Reasons Why Choose Coldwell Solar for Your Commercial Solar Installation

By August 3, 2021Blog
Looking lengthwise between two rows of solar panels in a brown field with a blue sky in the background.

If you are interested in partnering with a commercial solar company in California, Coldwell has the solutions you need – we offer a broad number of services for all your solar needs, from those first thinking about an installation to owners who need help making upgrades or performing maintenance. Let’s take a closer look at why Coldwell Solar is your best option.

1. We Have the Experience to Install the Right Solar System for You

Coldwell Solar has earned over 100 combined years of experience in commercial and industrial solar in California, working on a wide variety of projects that required different approaches, designs, and timetables. You can take a look at our portfolio here to see a sample of the projects we have enabled in the past, but the message is clear: We understand the ins and outs of the solar industry, how California law affects solar installations, and what kind of systems work best reaching your goals. Of course, organizations new to solar may not be entirely sure what kind of goals to set, which brings us to another Coldwell advantage.

2. Not Sure What You Want? We Can Help You Find Out

We also provide consultation and design services to help owners in the earliest stages of planning for commercial solar energy solutions in California. This is an ideal starting point for those who are interested in solar but want to nail down the details first. We are happy to discuss what installation size will work best for your property and needs, what energy output you can expect, and what sort of savings this can lead to over the expected life of the installation.

We can also help create plans for an installation that works with the specific landscape or space that you have available. If you are looking for additional benefits, we are happy to discuss energy storage options or other components.

3. We Work to Find the Financing that Works for You

From agricultural solar energy systems to car lot installations, there’s a smart financing option for every project – and we can help find the right approach for you. Coldwell Solar offers several financing options, including lease to own contracts and unique PPAs (Purchase Power Agreements) for solar systems that allow you to host an installation with few or no initial fees. Others may be interested in a direct cash purchase or a more traditional financed purchase. Our team will work with you to find the best option and explain any related incentives.

4. We Take Care of the Details

The clients that we partner with already have a lot of their plates. Coldwell Solar specializes in taking care of the details so that you can stick to your own core competencies. We will work around your schedule, arrange for full construction of the installation, and help with connection and startup so your property can start realizing utility savings ASAP.

5. We Are Here for the Life of Your Installation

It can be difficult to find a solar energy company in California that works with you throughout the life of a solar installation. At Coldwell, we offer comprehensive monitoring and maintenance services for our partners so your installation gets the upkeep it needs: This also allows us to track energy performance and watch for issues or any options for optimization in the future.

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