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Coldwell Solar Powers Food from Farm-to-Table at 2017 Fresno Food Expo

By July 25, 2017May 7th, 2018News

Coldwell Solar Powers Food from Farm-to-Table at 2017 Fresno Food Expo

Company highlights the integral role of solar energy at “the premier food and drink celebrations in the San Joaquin Valley”

Rocklin, Calif., July 25, 2017: Coldwell Solar, the leading solar power provider for the food and agricultural industries, will be the only solar exhibitor and sponsor at the 2017 Fresno Food Expo, July 26-27 in Fresno, California, highlighting the role of solar power in the entire food cycle from growers to consumers.

The event brings together buyers and sellers from every phase of the farm-to-table journey, and has been called “the premier food and drink celebration in the San Joaquin Valley” by the Fresno Bee.

“This is our community and it’s natural for us to support it,” said Coldwell Solar president Sean Hood. ”We live here, and we power some of the most advanced growers, processors and cold storage facilities in the valley. Many of them are family businesses just like we are.”

Coldwell Solar has grown to be the premier provider of solar power for growers, farmers, dairies, processor and cold storage facilities throughout the state. The company brings decades of experience managing the unique aspects of solar energy for the agriculture and food industries.

Solar energy has proven to deliver a powerful return on investment for energy-intensive agriculture and food businesses. Coldwell Solar has earned the trust of some of the largest players in these industries, with word of mouth being one of the primary ways it receives new business. “The ROI is only as good as the system performance,” Hood said. “Our customers trust us to provide the most durable, safe and productive energy system that can be built.”

In addition to designing and building solar power systems, Coldwell Solar manages the relationships with local utility companies, including the paperwork and billing system. Coldwell stands behind its projects with a standard 10-year warranty, plus maintenance and system monitoring for the life of the system.

About Coldwell Solar

Founded in 1986, Coldwell Solar (www.coldwellsolar.comis a family-owned company with more than 100 years of combined construction and solar experience. As the leader in solar energy for agriculture, Coldwell works with farmers and growers to install solar energy for dairies, orchards, vineyards and agricultural processors. Coldwell Solar stands for superior workmanship, professionalism and integrity, providing the highest energy output and financial savings for its customers. In addition to agriculture, Coldwell Solar specializes in industrial and commercial projects for food processors, manufacturers, schools and beyond.

Coldwell Solar manages the entire solar installation process and is certified to meet the most complex standards. Each solar power installation is built to deliver superior quality and long-lasting performance. For more information on Coldwell Solar, please visit


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