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How Can Energy Storage Help a Commercial Solar System Create Savings?

By March 2, 2023Blog, News
Rendering of a standalone solar energy battery storage unit with solar panels on roof and a blue sky.

There are many supporters of solar power who are convinced that solar power is the future, but all of them agree on one thing, and that is the fact that there is one major limiting factor.

Solar power runs on energy from the sun, and when the sun is down, the production of energy comes to a halt. Commercial areas mostly work round the clock, and the energy consumption is usually higher during the evening when energy production is low. This can lead to a deficit in the supply while the demand is at its all-time high.

With a solar power plant, you will be able to generate more energy than you can use, and you may have slower commercial production during the day. This means that you are not using solar power to its maximum benefit. You may be wondering only if you could save all that energy and use it when you want. Solar energy storage can help you save up power to use later, especially during the evenings.

Let’s learn more about energy storage and how you can boost your savings.

How Does Solar Energy Storage Work?

Close up view of solar battery storage units with ground-mounted solar panels and a wind turbine in the background.

When you consider solar energy storage, you can work with different types of storage options:

Battery Storage

Battery storage is usually the best choice for small businesses. In this scenario, the solar energy generated by your plant is fed into a battery. This causes a chemical reaction in the battery that helps with energy storage. The reaction needs to be reversed to get the current from the battery so the battery is discharged. It is preferable to use Lithium-ion batteries for solar power.

Thermal Storage

For thermal storage, you can use multiple mediums. These options may include molten salt and even water. These mediums first absorb and then retain heat from the sun. An insulated tank is used to store the heated medium, and water is boiled for the generation of energy.

Mechanical Storage

In this storage type, an object is used to generate electricity. With mechanical storage, you can convert electrical power to mechanical power. You can convert the mechanical power back when you want to use electric power. The mechanical storage method makes use of three key components:

Compressed Air

This storage system uses compressed air and pumps it into a tank. When you want to use the electricity, the air in the tank is released, which generates electricity.


In this method, the surplus of electricity is used to work a flywheel. This helps generate electricity when you need it later on. This provides quick energy.

Pumped Hydro

The pumped hydro uses water and pumps it into a reservoir that is located on the top of turbine generators. When needed, the water flows through the turbines to generate electricity.

Best Choices for Commercial Usage

Rows of solar battery storage units with solar panels in the foreground and wind turbines in the background.

The most viable choices for commercial usage are mechanical and thermal storage, but they can be very expensive, and if you are looking for budget-friendly options, then you can go for the following choices:

Compressed Air

Compressed air is one of the most effective mechanical storage options if you have a large-scale business.

Pumped Hydro

Pumped hydro is when all the surplus solar energy is used to pump the water uphill, and that creates a great amount of energy when the water is released. It is taken as the second-best option, but not all commercial businesses can do that. Moreover, it can be more expensive too!

Grid Energy Storage

You can use next-generation batteries for energy storage, and many of the new deployments come with FTM storage solutions.

Benefits of Storing Solar Energy

Closeup view of rows of solar panels on a warehouse roof with green hills in the background.

Why let surplus energy go to waste when you can store it and use it later? It is essential to start storing surplus energy and maximize the benefits that come with storing solar energy. Not only will it give you the benefit of using stored energy later on, but there are many more benefits, such as:

Fills Energy Gaps

It is very important to fill energy gaps so you have a consistent energy flow for all your operations. With energy storage, you will not have to suffer any kind of loss. For instance, if you have to carry out routine maintenance work for the solar panels, you can use the stored energy for the time being and keep the operations running.

Is Environmentally Friendly

Switching to solar energy in itself helps you reduce your carbon footprint. But storing solar energy helps you control the amount you can use. The surplus energy you generate can be stored and not go to waste. You will not have to rely on non-renewable energy resources to save money.

Solar power can be used for many electrical appliances and machinery, so it will only help you in the longer run.

Saves Money On Utility Bills

Since you do not have to rely on the power grid for any of the energy, you can easily cut down on your utility bills. You will be able to create and use your own energy to save money. Running a commercial business on grid electricity can result in extremely high electric bills.

Even if you have to use electricity during the evening or nighttime, you can rely on the battery and tap into the solar energy you have saved.

Removes Dependence On Energy Grid

Energy grids are not the most reliable source of electricity, as there are many instances when the energy flow can be disrupted. For instance, if there is bad weather, then it is possible for you to experience power outages that will disrupt your workflow.

In such scenarios, you can just use the energy you save through solar storage systems.

Balances Energy

You cannot have a lot of electricity to use for one part of the day and none for the other. If you don’t store the energy, then you will not be able to use it later on. You need to have a reservoir so you can store energy and save it for a rainy day.

High Publicity

Companies that use solar panels are in high regard with the masses as they know that the company is making efforts to save the environment. Most customers make it a point to only give their business to companies that are environmentally friendly. Therefore, you can use your energy storage as a marketing campaign to show the public that your business cares for the environment and is making efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.

Frequency Response

Frequency response can be understood as the ability of an electric component to adjust to any changes in the flow of energy.

You must have very expensive machinery, and it is important for you to ensure that they remain safe. Surges or drops in electrical power can be very dangerous for commercial businesses. They can also mean a great deal of loss. When you use batteries to store energy, they can help you with the spikes and save the machinery from any sudden changes. The batteries will step in and run your machines for you.

Coldwell Solar For Your Solar Needs

Sun is a powerhouse of energy and can help you generate a great abundance of energy. If you want a source of energy that will never end, then the sun is all you need. While it is a great source, not many people can harness its powers the way they should. Installing a solar energy panel is not the solution; you need to store the surplus energy the system produces so you can use it later.

Therefore, it is important to use solar power to its full potential and make great use of it! To do that, you need good company by your side. Coldwell Solar is a company dedicated to helping you install the best commercial solar panels and unlock great potential for your commercial business.

You may have several questions with regard to solar panel installations, you can direct them to our experts, and they will help you in the best ways possible. You can also get a free quote today, and our team will come up with solutions that fit your business needs perfectly.




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