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Do You Need to Earn WAIRE Points?

By December 15, 2022Blog, News
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The South Coast AQMD founded the WAIRE program to minimize harmful emissions damaging the environment. This program has a thorough point-based structure to regulate warehouses in California for numerous actions. One of the main reasons for starting this program was the problematic state of the South Coast’s environment, including air quality in Los Angeles and other cities. With thousands of warehouses operating here, there was an excess of greenhouse gas emissions in prominent counties, causing the residents to suffer.

The South Coast AQMD created this program to minimize emissions by ensuring warehouses use environmentally friendly energy alternatives such as commercial solar systems to improve the South Coast’s air quality. It would be fair to say that WAIRE is pretty new, and many warehouse operators are unfamiliar with what it is and how it works. If you are a warehouse owner or operator in California, continue reading this piece to learn about the ins and outs of this program.

WAIRE and Its Ever Increasing Importance

Also known as Rule 2305, the WAIRE program was introduced to improve air quality in popular counties like Orange County, Riverside County, and Los Angeles County. South Coast AQMD proposed this program to ensure that most warehouse operations in California are carefully regulated to prevent them from using any fuel type that damages air quality.

The WAIRE program was first brought forward in 2021 and faced a fair bit of controversy from many people. One of the main reasons for the controversy was that incorporating environmentally friendly energy alternatives such as commercial solar systems within a short period was only financially feasible for some warehouse owners. However, the South Coast AQMD stressed the program’s importance by highlighting the growing health problems people in different Californian counties faced because of poor air quality.

Reputable research noted the increasing damage caused by the excessive nitrogen emissions made by warehouse operations across the globe. Such problems result in breathing issues, and it is important to tackle them before things get out of hand. Eventually, the WAIRE program was green-lit, and every warehouse facility under the South Coast AQMD’s jurisdiction had to comply with WAIRE’s strict guidelines.

How Does WAIRE Work?

The South Coast AQMD introduced the WAIRE program to moderate warehouses with indoor spaces sized 100,000 square foot or more in one building. Currently, over 4,000 warehouses in California fall under the WAIRE program’s compliance and reporting standards. The program rewards points to warehouse facility operators for adopting eco-friendly equipment and vehicles for their operations.

You can also earn WAIRE points for every trip you make on a truck that uses eco-friendly fuel. The South Coast AQMD knows about the financial difficulties many facility operators and owners face when switching to environmentally sustainable alternatives, which is why it gives them the choice to purchase WAIRE points by paying a mitigation fee.

Common Challenges Warehouse Owners Face with WAIRE

While introducing the WAIRE program is a positive step, incorporating it can take some time. This is mainly because the program asks warehouse owners to make massive shifts in their operations. As mentioned earlier, the heavy financials required to make such a shift can be quite challenging for some people.

Most vehicles that operate on clean energy cost a lot and may be outside some’s budget. The program requires warehouse owners to use zero-emission trucks and refrigeration units to improve the air quality of South Coast counties. Thousands of warehouses in Southern California release nitrogen emissions that contribute to various health hazards.

This is why warehouse owners must co-operate, comply with WAIREs guidelines, and play their part in making the South Coast air pure and breathable again. Of course this is easier said than done, but if warehouse owners follow SCAQMD’s guidelines, they could help reduce emissions by 15 percent within the next decade.

Is Earning WAIRE Points Important?

If your warehouse facility falls under the South Coast AQMD’s jurisdiction, you must follow the WAIRE program and earn points regularly. This is because the program is based on a menu-based points structure where warehouse facilities must earn a particular amount of points each year. The reason behind introducing the points system is to ensure individuals who operate or own a warehouse in California can comply by WAIRE’s strict standards and do not use energy sources that affect the environment.

How Does the Points System Work?

Understanding how the WAIRE program’s points system works is essential to ensure you comply with its guidelines. According to the program’s structure, you can earn a set amount of points yearly in different ways. One of the most straightforward ways to earn your WAIRE points is by providing an emissions mitigation fee. Another option is to look for a site-specific plan approved by the AQMD and complete the different tasks mentioned in the plan. If the previous two options aren’t suitable for you, you can complete one of the actions from the extensive WAIRE menu and gain your points.

You may be surprised to learn that some people even earn more points than the WAIRE program’s required amount. If you find yourself in the same situation, you can transfer your points to other warehouses operated by your or use them the following year. However, WAIRE prohibits you from selling your points to other parties and may even penalize you.

While there could be changes made to the points system in the future, the fundamentals will most likely remain the same. Remember, your main goal with the WAIRE program is to safeguard the environment by keeping harmful energy emissions to a minimum. While making the shift may feel like a pain initially, the process will become smooth once you properly understand the WAIRE program’s requirements.

Remember, you don’t have to oversee the shift all by yourself. Instead, let seasoned professionals help you comply with WAIRE’s strict requirements.

The Importance of Adopting Alternative Energy Solutions

The widespread adaptation of alternative energy solutions is vital to curb harmful emergency emissions worldwide. More often than not, the time, weather and other important factors determine whether these resources will be available. Alternative energy solutions have been around for a long time and have been quite helpful for those who utilize them.

For instance, solar energy has been around for decades and is quite safe. What’s most impressive about this alternative energy solution is that it is free from pollutants or greenhouse gases, making it an excellent option for any warehouse. Coldwell Solar can help determine the ideal location to install solar panels in your warehouse, allowing you to use clean energy.

Contrary to popular belief, alternative energy solutions are quite affordable, mainly because of their long-term value. Sure, the initial cost associated with installing equipment may be higher than traditional energy sources, but these solutions are more affordable in the long term. Wind turbines can also be an ideal clean energy solution, but they can only work correctly in areas with steady winds. Before you get any energy equipment for your warehouse, consider consulting with our experts first to learn whether the solution you are looking for would work for your location.

How Coldwell Solar Help You Implement WAIRE

Abiding by the WAIRE program has been quite a hassle for many California-based warehouse owners and operators, and for a good reason. While the program’s intentions are pure and dedicated to improving the South Coast’s air quality, complying with its guidelines can be challenging for many.

Warehouse owners already have their daily operations to deal with, and having a complex program like WAIRE to comply with can only complicate things. This is where our experts can help you out. All you need to do is contact us and discuss your particular requirements, and our seasoned pros will be there to help you comply.

Coldwell Solar has been helping multiple warehouse operators and owners in California incorporate commercial solar installations to protect the environment and improve the South Coast’s air quality. We know that every warehouse facility requires a tailor-made solution specific to their needs, which is why our experts perform a detailed evaluation of your premises before providing a solution.

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