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How Does the Commercial Solar Installation Process Work?

By December 31, 2022January 2nd, 2023Blog, News
Two solar engineerings studying a blue print and pointing at the ground-mounted solar panels.

There is no doubt that businesses are going green nowadays. From grocery stores to households, shops, and big companies, everyone realizes how beneficial solar energy is, and most of them have started switching to it too.

Solar panels convert energy from the sun into electricity. There are semiconductors in them that create interactions between photons from the sun and electrons to capture the energy.

Businesses now understand that solar energy is cost-effective, and its establishment can affect their progress positively. The decision to install solar energy panels is a wise financial choice. It will reduce your electricity bills and lower your carbon footprint. This financial reward and positive impact on the environment will be left for decades. This decision will benefit you in the future.

Make sure that once you have decided to add commercial solar energy to your business, the process is completed as quickly as possible, so you can start reaping the benefits. Solar installations can vary in time depending on the size and type of system you plan to install.

Why Should You Install a Commercial Solar System?

Closeup view of rows of solar panels on warehouse roof.

When running a business, you constantly need solutions, even for the slightest issues. Saving money is your main concern as you have so many things to invest in. You are surely thinking of ways like stock regulation and control, increasing turnovers, and business-to-debt ratios.

will help you save money and provides you with all the benefits of solar energy for commercial use at a reasonable price. Some of the reasons to choose them are listed below:

Reduction in Operating Costs

Commercial solar panels can reduce your operating expenses and flourish your infrastructure. A well-designed solar panel can reduce your electricity bill by up to 75%. The money you are saving here can be utilized in your business expansions.

Improved Technology

Nowadays, solar panel manufacturers have better panels. The general rule is that the more efficient solar panels and technology are, the higher their cost will be.

But Coldwell Solar ensures that their solar panel’s performance and monitoring services should be up to date with new technology. They provide continuous attention to ensure your energy system is operating efficiently.

Environmentally Friendly

Commercial solar panels are an excellent initiative if you want your business to be environmentally friendly but are also worried about electricity bills. It will reduce your overall carbon footprint and greenhouse emissions.

Solar power is a renewable energy source that won’t cause any environmental damage or pollution and makes your business better for visitors and the planet.

Why Hiring a Professional Team to Install Solar Panel is Important?

Workers using drone to check commercial solar panels.

You have gained much knowledge about commercial solar panels and must consider installation. It is essential to hire a professional team like Coldwell Solar that will take every possible step to avoid any inconvenience and provide proper maintenance services to your commercial solar panels. These are the hazards that our team could prevent:


Solar Panels are hefty and can’t be carried by a single man. Improperly lifting panels can cause muscle pulls, strains, and severe back injuries. It would be best if you had mobile carts or forklifts to reduce the lifting.

Electrical Hazards

Solar panel systems consist of many electrical components. Even if the main breaker is shut off, the photovoltaic (PV) system will continue to produce power, and that can cause thermal burns, muscle or nerve damage, or fall from a sudden shock. In the worst-case scenario, it can cause death.

Testing circuits and wearing appropriate PPE for electrical safety are essential. Our experienced team is equipped to prevent all these kinds of mishaps.

Trips and Falls

On a construction site, falls are most likely to happen. If you plan to install a solar panel by yourself, you may be subject danger. You can have broken or fractured bones or severe back or head trauma from the fall.

Our team ensures that the working surface is free from oil, water, and other dangerous substances. We used advanced lifting trucks and loads to avoid falls from the construction site.

How Does the Commercial Solar Panel Process Works?

Workers maintaining commercial solar panels.

Now you are aware of all the dos and don’ts while installing a commercial panel and why there is a need to hire a professional team for it. Let’s talk about the working process of commercial solar panels. It works with some procedures to provide you with efficient services. These steps include:

1. Set-Up of the Scaffolding

The first and foremost step is erecting scaffolding to ensure safety during the installation process. It provides a working platform for the PV roof. This step should be done 2 days before the installation, so that there will be plenty of time to ensure the safety of the installers.

2. Installation of Solar Panel Mounts

The solar panel mounting system should be set up to support the base of solar panels. It must be a tilted structure with an 18 to 36 degrees angle to capture maximum sunlight exposure. These panels are meant to secure your solar panel array and enhance your panel’s production through its angle and direction.

3. Installation of the Solar Panels

After the setup of the mounts, now it’s time to install the solar panels on the mounted structures. Your nuts and bolts should be tightened to ensure the panels’ stability.

4. Wiring of the Solar Panels

The next step in this installation process is the electrical wiring. We use MC4 connectors as they are suitable for all solar panels. Our team has all the PPEs to ensure the safety of solar panels and the workers working on them.

5. Connection of Solar Inverter

After completing the wiring, the connection of the solar inverter should be done. Most of the time, it is installed near the main panel. It could be installed indoors or outdoors. Cooler places are preferable for the ventilation of these panels.

The inverter should be kept out from the afternoon sun. Garage or utility rooms are usually the best places as they stay cool most of the year and give the required ventilation to them.

6. Bond the Solar Panel and Solar Battery

After connecting the solar inverter, now it’s time to connect the solar battery. The primary function of solar batteries is to protect you from all the worries about the lack of usable energy at night. It can also reduce the cost of solar battery storage systems during installation.

7. Connection of Inverter to the Consumer Unit

A consumer unit should be connected to the inverter to generate electricity. A generation meter is essential to monitor the amount of electricity produced by solar panels. You can be updated with the performance of solar panels through your computer or other devices.

8. Testing of Solar Panel

Now it’s time for the final step, switching on the power and testing your newly installed commercial solar panel system. In this way, your installation process will be completed.

9. Things to Do After the Installation Process

After completing the installation process, many people think there is no work after that. However, there are some steps that you should take before finalizing all the payments and other procedures with the team. These steps are taken to ensure that your system is working to the best of its ability. Here is the checklist of things you should follow after the installation is finished:

  • Conduct a DIY check after your solar system installation.
  • If you have a traditional accumulation meter, replace it with a smart meter to measure the correct flow of electricity.
  • Make sure to have insurance on your solar panels to make sure you can do a replacement if something goes wrong in the solar panel system.
  • Maintenance of your solar panels is essential. Make sure that your solar panels should get maintenance from a professional team after every 2 years.

Commercial Solar Installation from Coldwell Solar

Installing a solar panel is a challenging, yet wise decision. Once you install these panels, you will surely enjoy the benefits. Make sure to examine your solar panels after every 4-6 years by the installer and always ask about the maintenance requirements for your solar system.

Commercial solar panels for your business save your electricity bills and make paybacks in 3-4 years. It can benefit you through tax credits and accelerated depreciation. You can also explore lots of financing options, leasing opportunities, and commercial and government-supported loans for installing solar panels for your business.

It is cost-effective and improves your business with a greener image by portraying your concern about the planet, community, and country due to its environmental impacts.

If you are looking for a reliable company to install commercial solar panels for your business, reach out to Coldwell Solar for the best experience.



The Fed has passed a bill granting renewable energy funds, meaning an expanded tax credit for renewable energy users

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