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Solar Energy: Benefits and Safety Risks

By October 4, 2022October 6th, 2022Blog
Closeup view of a long row of solar panels in a solar farm with green grass on one side and a sunset in the background.

In recent years, there has been an alarming change in climate because of the excessive release of carbon into the atmosphere. Several countries around the world have started to look for new sources of energy other than traditional fuel. Solar energy is the alternative that most countries have started relying on to get clean and environment-friendly energy.

There are a number of traditional methods to generate fuel, but without a doubt, solar energy has earned its place as one of the best energy sources in the sector. Generating solar energy was quite expensive initially, but with the increase in demand, the solar power market has witnessed a clear decline in its prices.

There are always pros and cons of everything which impacts the prices, but when we talk about solar energy, its prices continue to fall with time.

Today, many industrial and domestic sectors rely on solar energy, which gives a clear picture of a bright future. The solar energy industry has grown rapidly at 10,000%, which is huge. Even in the pandemic, many industrialists were thinking that the pandemic would hit the solar sector, but rather than slowing down, the demand for solar energy increased. It has been estimated that few countries installed around 5 gigawatts of solar capacity in the first four months of 2021, and reached its total capacity of 102.8 gigawatts– this is enough to power 18 million homes.

Now, let’s dive deeper and learn more about this modern energy method. This blog will discuss solar energy’s benefits and safety risks.

Benefits of Solar Energy

Solar energy is now considered the best and most convenient source of clean energy. There are a number of benefits one can get by installing a solar system. It is used widely in homes because of various benefits starting from factories and industries. We have gathered some key benefits of solar energy that you should know.

1.     Reduces Carbon Emissions

Solar energy is one of the best renewable and clean energy sources, as it helps reduce carbon dioxide and other pollutants that negatively impact the environment. Traditional fossil fuels such as oil and coal release carbon pollutants into the atmosphere and water supply. Solar energy has shown a positive impact on the environment, as it does not directly harm the environment with any carbon-related pollutants.

Solar energy is one of the top-notch solutions when we compare it with nuclear energy because of its environment-friendly nature that will help reduce the carbon footprint. This environmental benefit is an essential component to the appeal of solar solutions.

2.     Renewable

There are several benefits that come along with installing solar panels at your home or workplace, but one of the most important benefits is never running out of solar energy. Isn’t that great? Solar energy can be harnessed in every nook and corner of the world, and there is no power cut or shortage; you can get it every day.

Solar energy depends on sunlight, and as long as we have the sun, we can leverage the perks of solar energy– the sun will not die for at least 5 billion years.

3.      Reduces Electricity Bills

Billing is the number one concern for every home and business owner. With the increase in the easy availability of solar panels in the market, you can now meet your energy needs with the electricity generated from your solar system. You can see a massive decrease in your electricity bills or costs after installing solar energy.

The electricity bills or electricity costs depends solely on your solar electricity usage and the size of your solar system. Suppose you have installed commercial solar panels for your factory or industry. In that case, you will surely save a huge amount of money, because a large-sized solar energy system can easily meet your industry needs and costs much less.

It is not just related to a reduced electric bill, you will also have the opportunity to receive payments for surplus energy. The Smart Export Guarantee allows you to export energy back to the grid. In simpler words, if your solar system is connected to a grid, and if you generate more energy than your usage, you can export it back to the grid and can receive payments for it.

4.      Diverse Number of Applications

You can use solar energy for a variety of purposes. Many giant industries from different sectors are depending on solar panels to run various machinery, while small workplaces are also making the most out of this renewable energy source.

With solar energy, you can produce electricity in areas that are without any energy grid. Solar energy can help you with water supply in the countryside, and it is now powering satellites in space. People also are currently integrating solar energy with the materials that are used for buildings.

5.      Complete Independence

The sun shines on every city and country of the world, and now many countries have become independent in energy production.

The countries now dependent on solar energy are enjoying good security at the national level, as they make things facile for their citizens by supplying solar panels for homes and industries. They are working on getting rid of larger electrical grids that cost huge amounts and regular faults.

Solar Energy Safety Risks

Although solar energy can get you many benefits, you cannot deny the hazards it may cause. Many think solar panels magically transform the sun’s radiation into electricity and power all electrical equipment, motors, and devices. But, there are several technicalities that everyone should know in order to continue getting the benefits of solar energy without any risks. Here are some of the most common solar energy hazards you should know about.

1.      Risk of Accidents During Installation

Solar panel installation is challenging, and the workers who install solar panels carry out intense work on rooftops. They mostly use normal ladders and are always at risk of falling from it. A fall can lead to severe injuries.

Protection of workers is not just the duty of solar companies. Still, every homeowner’s prime responsibility is protecting workers from fall hazards through roof edges and hatches during solar installation. Companies should ensure that their workers are trained and appropriately using personal fall protection.

2.      Hectic Working Conditions

Solar energy workers work in hot weather conditions where they are highly subjected to hazards that include heat stroke, dehydration, and heat exhaustion. In severe weather conditions, there are always high chances of serious illness or even death for the workers.

Companies should carefully monitor their workers’ working aspects and then train them accordingly to avoid any heat-related mishaps. Similarly, cold weather conditions are also a major threat to the lives of the workers.

3.      Solar PV Safety

A solar panel system includes many key elements that help in the conduction of electricity. Some essential parts are the inverter, PV solar array, and many other essential parts.

These parts work continuously during the daytime and can cause serious physical injuries. They are a major cause of arc flashes, which are electric shocks. It is not just related to the production of high voltage currents, but the conditions of low voltage are also enough to cause severe injuries. This is why it is better to carry out high-end safety measures to avoid mishaps.

4.      Protective Equipment

Many professional companies now provide protective equipment to their workers when installing solar panels. But this isn’t enough, as every workplace is different. Employers need to check on workplaces to provide their workers with all the safety types of equipment that are important for the safety of their workers.

Some of the most common safety pieces of equipment are:

  • Hard safety helmets
  • Protective Gloves
  • Rubber soles shoes
  • Glasses or goggles for eye-protection
  • Tough Vests

5.      Installation of Large Solar Panels

A large solar farm produces a great amount of energy, and is a source of hazards as well. It would be best if you took the following measures to avoid any major or minor consequences.

  • Never enter a large solar farm without the permission of the concerned authority. Get complete safety measures and personal protective equipment before entering the facility.
  • If a bystander is looking for assistance, never enter the area. It is better to deliver instructions while keeping safe distance.

Yes, there are some safety risks and downsides to solar energy, but if you follow the safety measures effectively, you avail its amazing cost-saving benefits.

The key benefits of solar energy may compel you to install one at your home or workplace. Make sure to find the best solar panel that meets your needs, from cost to roof space to solar panel type. Solar energy is the present and future energy source that is the most effective way to generate electricity cost-effectively. Future generations will benefit from investing in solar technology and this energy source.

The Fed has passed a bill granting renewable energy funds, meaning an expanded tax credit for renewable energy users

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