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Solar vs. Wind Energy: Why Solar is Better

By September 5, 2021September 7th, 2021Blog
Several rows of ground-mounted solar panels in front of five wind turbines and mountains in the background.

If you have property space available on a lot, field, or other unused portion of land, you may be considering the benefits of a renewable energy installation: From zero initial cost financing options to energy tax credits from the federal government, there are many reasons to consider partnering with a solar energy company in California.

Let’s look at two common renewable energy options – and which may be the right choice for commercial and industrial solar in California.


Solar energy installations are generally more versatile than wind: Wind overall has a greater portion of the renewable energy industry across the country, but this is primarily due to very large utility-scale installations in specific states.

Solar energy benefits from its innate adaptability: Installations can exist in many different sizes, power output levels and locations, from agricultural solar energy systems to solar panels on rooftops or over parking lots. This allows more commercial organizations to consider solar installations where wind turbines would simply not be possible.

Solar energy also has alternative options such as solar energy storage through a battery array that allows that electricity to be saved for later use or fed into the electrical grid according to demands. Some solar installations are even connected


Wind energy developers are often limited and focused primarily on those larger, state-sponsored projects that we mentioned. Solar energy, particularly in states like California where the solar industry is highly advanced in many sectors, typically offers better access to developers and technicians. This makes it easier to work with a developer like Coldwell Solar to find a design that will work for your property, as well as arrange an ideal time to begin construction that fits in with your schedule.

The presence of solar developers also makes it easier to find a partner for solar maintenance and monitoring compared to wind farms. And on that note, solar panels are generally easier to maintain than wind farms: They tend to have fewer moving parts, which means they are less likely to need repairs or serious maintenance throughout the life of the installation.


Both solar and wind installations are somewhat variable when it comes to efficiency. Part of this is due to technology – solar panels and wind turbines are both constantly being improved, with incremental increases in efficiency over time: This has benefited the solar industry greatly in recent years. Another factor is that both types of renewable energy are dependent on placement and the weather, so production levels can vary accordingly.

However, research has shown that today’s latest solar installations can outperform wind farms when it comes to energy production, due in part to how erratic wind patterns can be, while the sun is only periodically hindered by clouds but follows a much more dependable route.

Noise and Nature

Finally, keep in mind that solar panels are both silent and compatible with nearby wildlife, even helping to provide shade to livestock and other benefits. Wind farms can create noise and may pose dangers to nearby birds and bats.

Do you have more questions about what a renewable energy installation would look like, how much electricity you could save, or alternative commercial solar energy solutions in California, contact us at Coldwell Solar: Our commercial solar company offers a full suite of solar installation services, including consultations, design, construction and maintenance.


The Fed has passed a bill granting renewable energy funds, meaning an expanded tax credit for renewable energy users

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