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Top Commercial Solar Benefits

By December 22, 2022Blog, News
Aerial view of the solar panels on the J Lohr Vineyards & Wines building in Paso Robles, California.

Large enterprises worldwide have compelled small business owners to think about installing their own commercial solar systems. Organizations are experiencing significant benefits from solar energy economically and environmentally, and these advantages are only expected to grow over time. Solar energy allows businesses to become more sustainable in every way. Businesses may better manage their electricity expenses and carbon footprint with the help of solar installations.

Advantages of Commercial Solar

If you are committed to going green and care about the environment and the impacts caused by climate change, consider getting commercial solar services. Solar energy is a long-term, reasonably priced investment that will lower your energy bills and will benefit you in various ways.

Commercial solar power has turned out to be cost-effective for business owners and has helped them save money and energy. We will discuss some advantages of commercial solar power below.

1. Lowers Operating Costs

Companies want to use solar energy because it is a sustainable power source for commercial buildings. Solar energy can help you grow your business and improve your bottom line as a business owner.

Solar energy can help in reducing the expenses associated with energy use. The costs you save are sufficient to pay for the maintenance and installation of solar panels for years or even a lifetime. This will greatly reduce expenses for your company over time.

Solar energy is beneficial for the environment. Solar energy is a widely used, accessible, and reasonably priced energy source. It allows businesses to own this asset and generate its power rather than continuously buying electricity from utilities and other external energy brokers.

Constructing a clean energy plant with the installation of a commercial solar-powered system increases the value of businesses and real estate. It allows businesses to become their own electricity suppliers.

Solar installations can help stabilize electricity costs with more predictable revenue flows than buying external energy at greatly billed rates. You can consider them a multi-decade investment.

Property managers and experts analyze the total return on investment of solar power installation by estimating project costs and future energy production. Property owners often step back from installing solar power in their business cause of the initial costs. However, many incentives have been introduced that encourage solar energy solutions.

2. Increases Energy Resilience

Companies with solar energy systems are less dependent on public electricity providers and other outside sources to fulfill their energy demands because they can produce sustainable electricity onsite and for free.

A solar system that includes storage can operate independently as a microgrid, allowing electricity to be continually generated, stored, and used across the property.

Companies can strengthen their energy resilience by operating off the grid. By implementing solar energy solutions, operations won’t come to a complete halt if there is a local power failure.

Solar-powered systems help businesses manage their energy production and utilization throughout normal company operations and disaster preparedness. Smart energy management systems enable businesses to use stored electricity overnight and when utility energy is invoiced at a higher rate. This can help them save money when new solar power is not easily accessible.

The advantages of solar panels over conventional gas-powered backup generators include eliminating ongoing fuel delivery logistics and associated costs.

Low-maintenance, emission-free solar-powered systems are the perfect replacement for excessive noise, maintenance costs, and air pollution of backup generators.

3. Solar Energy to Fulfill ESG Goals

Most importantly, switching to solar energy can help all organizations achieve their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) objectives. Going solar is not just about cost savings. It is also about sustainability and eco-friendly initiatives, in addition to the potential financial benefit for companies.

Solar power is a very efficient solution for businesses to achieve sustainability goals since it is a measurable, easily quantified green energy source. Commercial solar energy reduces the carbon footprint of a building as soon as it starts operating— it is also referred to as immediate decarbonization.

Additionally, most solar-powered systems are simple to operate and don’t require significant adjustments to regular corporate operations. In most cases, adding an installation to a property won’t interfere with regular operations, allowing a business to carry on as usual.

The overall environmental impact of a solar power installation can be improved in conjunction with other suggested property changes, such as updated building features and modernized appliances, which are frequently preceded by an energy efficiency assessment.

In today’s global market, a company’s dedication to sustainable business practices is valuable at every level, from the final consumer to the board of directors. With a commercial solar system integrated into the corporate building, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to the environment and their commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The bottom line is that a commercial solar system can also give businesses a competitive edge that will help them survive in the long run.

4. No More Power Outages

When you switch to solar energy, you become your own energy provider, but you must connect your company to the grid. Solar panels do not operate at night or when power is gone unless you have an energy storage system for backup since they need sunshine to produce electricity.

Net metering is the process of transmitting surplus electricity to the grid in exchange for a credit that covers the cost of using the grid at night. You can use this option if your business needs power after the sun sets. But your company also loses power if the grid goes dark during the day or at night. Fortunately, you can use solar batteries as they guarantee that your company stays open at night.

In short, solar power does not operate at night due to the lack of sunlight, but installing batteries can help you achieve your goal of running electricity at night.

5. Federal Investment Tax Money

Solar power and backup batteries may become even more accessible to purchase with the help of the federal investment tax credit. This credit partially offsets the cost of installing solar equipment for homes or businesses, although the amount reimbursed yearly is decreasing.

Going solar sooner rather than later will save you money because of a 26% tax credit available until the end of 2022, which then drops to 22% in the year 2023 and 10% in 2024. Your panels will still be eligible for the 26% tax credit if you start installing them in 2022 because the tax credit only applies to the year the installation began.

6. Better Reputation

Modern consumers are increasingly expressing a preference for ethical and environmentally friendly corporate initiatives. In modern times, encouraging corporate success requires a green image. By giving your company a more eco-friendly image, installing commercial solar panel systems can help you take advantage of this feature.

You’ll attract your target customers who appreciate these initiatives, and support companies that care about the environment and want to make the earth a better place for the coming generations. This will drive sales along with improving the reputation of your business.

7. Enhances Local Economy

Solar power installation can strengthen the local economy if businesses utilize this service. Laborers typically install solar power systems, giving them employment options. Using the services of a solar roofing company can help your firm contribute to societal advancement while also fostering local economic progress.

You can improve your company’s corporate citizenship by helping to achieve renewable energy targets with your commercial solar installation. You can become a solar-powered company that helps the country achieve its long-term energy objectives.

8. Earn the “Green Business” Label

By installing commercial solar energy, you can lessen your carbon footprint, demonstrate your commitment to sustainability with commercial solar, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By switching to solar energy, your company will be environmentally conscious and concerned about the future of its stakeholders. Your company will earn the “Green Business” label, which makes it stand out from other businesses.

Commercial Solar Solutions from Coldwell Solar

Coldwell Solar Commercial

A commercial solar energy system is a terrific method for businesses of all kinds to cut operating expenses and lessen their total environmental impact, which is good for the company, its shareholders, and the environment.

Solar systems can improve a company’s financial and environmental stability without significantly disrupting day-to-day operations with onsite and out-of-mind clean power generation and storage. Are you considering solar for your company? Get a quote from Coldwell Solar for your next solar energy project to learn how we can help.

The Fed has passed a bill granting renewable energy funds, meaning an expanded tax credit for renewable energy users

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