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Why is the WAIRE Program Important?

By December 10, 2022December 12th, 2022Blog, News
Aerial view of a modern warehouse with solar panels on the roof, trucks parked at loading docks and cars in a parking lot.

Established by the South Coast AQMD, the WAIRE program is a menu-based point structure that regulates warehouse operators and owners for multiple actions. One of the primary objectives of this program is to ensure those who own or operate warehouses minimize greenhouse gas emissions. This emissions reduction program is relatively new, and many do not know about what it is and why it is crucial.

If you are curious about WAIRE and its increasing importance, continue reading this piece to learn how it works, what makes it a must-follow for warehouse operators and owners, and more.

What is the WAIRE Program’s Central Aim?

The WAIRE program, which many also refer to as Rule 2305, has multiple objectives, with minimizing harmful emissions from major counties like Riverside County, the L.A County and Orange County. This program intends to regulate regional and local warehouses in California Counties to ensure they use eco-friendly substitutes and improve air quality in Los Angeles and other areas of southern California. The alternatives used by the warehouse owners and operators must fulfill the South Coast Air Quality Management District’s quality standards.

When Did South AQMD Announce the WAIRE Program?

The South Coast Air Quality Management District introduced WAIRE in 2021 with the aim to reduce harmful environmental emissions that air quality. According to a reputable study, nitrogen has a hazardous environmental impact, which can significantly reduce breathability. Unfortunately, there is a high likelihood of uncontrolled emissions of nitrogen and other harmful gases gathering in major rivers in the United States, resulting in nitrogen pollution.

The AQMD realized the importance of curbing these emissions before they worsened, which is why they introduced the WAIRE program.

The Importance of WAIRE

The WAIRE program modulates any warehouse with a space of 100,000 square feet in a single building. Close to 3,000 warehouse owners and 4,000 warehouse operators are fully under this program’s reporting and compliance standards. Some owners and operators find it challenging to comply with WAIRE, mainly because they need vehicles running on clean energy. According to the program’s requirements, they must use zero-emission transport refrigeration units and trucks to protect the environment.

This program incentivizes warehouse operators and owners by allowing them to earn points by shifting to environmentally sustainable transportation systems. Additionally, these people can gain points for each trip made using an emission-friendly truck. SCAQMD is well aware that warehouse facility owners have to spend massive sums of many to shift to environmentally friendly operations. This is why SCAQMD also gives them the opportunity to buy WAIRE points through a mitigation fee for reaching compliance.

Unfortunately, the South Coast arguably has the poorest air quality in the U.S currently, and WAIRE encourages anyone who owns or operates a warehouse to cut down on nitrogen emissions. If SCAQMD continues its efforts towards improving the South Coast’s air quality and warehouse facilities co-operate, there is a decent chance that emissions could reduce by ten to fifteen percent by 2031.

Understanding how WAIRE Points Work

As mentioned earlier, the South Coast AQMD carefully regulates warehouse operators and owners, ensuring they follow a point system to keep harmful energy emissions to a minimum. These warehouses will get particular points each year when selecting equipment that generates alternative energy.

One of the most popular ways to earn points is by providing a mitigation fee. However, if you don’t want to pay this fee, you can either follow the different actions present in the WAIRE program or perform activities in a site specific and approved WAIRE plan.

Do Warehouse Facilities Get Saving Incentives?

The South Coast Air Quality Management District provides warehouse facilities with savings incentives if they use zero-emission trucks and vehicle charges. Additionally, getting extra points can help you earn extra benefits like transferring some of your points to other warehouses or keeping the extra points for later.

Which Alternative Energy Equipment Does WAIRE Accept?

Equipment that generates alternative energy can create clean energy through renewable natural processes or resources. In most cases, the availability of these resources depends on factors like weather and time. In the olden days, when artificial power wasn’t invented, people used to rely on natural power and it worked wonders for them. They utilized naturally powered equipment for lighting, heating, transportation and other reasons.

People often believe in the notion that renewable or alternative technologies are recent, when that is not the case. You may be surprised to learn that thousands of people have been utilizing wind turbines and solar devices for decades.

Wind Energy

Many believe that using wind turbines does not make much sense, considering modern technology advancements. The blades in wind turbines move with the help of the wind to charge electric generators, making wind energy an excellent option for warehouse operators.

Believe it or not, wind is the least expensive energy source in the United States, generating about 10 percent of the country’s overall electricity. Installing wind turbines benefits warehouse operators, helping them minimize and potentially eliminate dangerous emissions.

Hydroelectric Power Equipment

Wind energy is likely to go past hydropower, becoming the United States’ leading source of renewable energy soon. Hydropower utilizes water to generate electricity through a generator’s fast-moving turbine blades. Such equipment is ideal for producing environmentally friendly electricity and can be helpful for anyone who owns or operates a warehouse, helping them comply with WAIRE’s requirements.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is virtually harmless, especially compared to other energy sources. Most importantly, this energy doesn’t create greenhouse gases or pollute water, making it an ideal option for almost anybody who can install solar energy equipment. What’s most impressive about solar energy equipment is that it requires minimal maintenance, making it relatively cost-effective.

This energy source also doesn’t create noise pollution, making it especially ideal for urban areas. Solar energy use has been prevalent for many years for cultivating crops, drying food, and staying warm. An hour’s worth of energy received by the earth can power the entire globe for a year. This is why thousands of people have been ditching electricity provided by their local utility provider and replacing it with solar energy.

While the initial solar installation costs may be high, utilizing solar energy can significantly lower energy bills for the long term and can even generate you a profit as you can return the extra electricity to the grid.

How Warehouse Operators Can Use Coldwell Solar’s Help

Coldwell Solar offers alternative commercial solar energy solutions to warehouse facilities, ensuring they can follow WAIRE guidelines. Our seasoned experts have the skill and experience to design and install the correct solar energy system to your warehouse. Mentioned below are some advantages of utilizing our commercial solar solutions to your warehouse.

1. Ability to Monitor Return on Investment through a Modern App

With Coldwell Solar, warehouse operators and owners can check how much energy their facilities are consuming, which can help also help them determine their ROI. The option to monitor their facilities remotely with a modern app can help facility owners to comply with the WAIRE program without hassles. Additionally, the app allows you to generate detailed reports to get WAIRE points.

2. Minimizing Greenhouse Emissions

Solar panels create electricity without the burden of nitrogen emissions, making them ideal for anyone who wants to comply with the WAIRE program’s guidelines. With greenhouse gas emissions kept to a minimum, warehouse operators and owners can play a part in safeguarding the environment. Many facilities are slowly but surely switching to solar panels to become more socially responsible, and we can help you introduce this change.

3. Minimizing Costs

With increasing electricity costs, many warehouse owners struggle to pay hefty monthly bills. You may be surprised to learn that around fifteen to twenty percent of the cost of running a warehouse is dedicated to power. At Coldwell Solar, we design and install commercial solar systems in California.

Coldwell Solar Can Provide Commercial Solar to Warehouses

The South Coast AQMD introduced WAIRE to eliminate harmful gases like nitrogen from many American warehouses. The WAIRE program’s governing body encouraged warehouse operators and owners to follow their plan by introducing a points-based system that incentivized them to use eco-friendly vehicles.

At Coldwell Solar, we provide warehouses with solar energy solutions, ensuring they can meet WAIRE Program requirements efficiently. We are well aware of the importance of adopting alternative energy sources to minimize nitrogen emissions. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure Southern California-based warehouses can integrate the right solutions without inconvenience.

Once you discuss your requirements with us, our experts will create a well-thought-out plan for your particular warehouse, ensuring it can meet the WAIRE program’s requirements in the shortest time possible.



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