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Benefits of Solar Energy for California Schools

By June 22, 2021Blog
Two solar company employees installing solar panels on the side of a school building while standing on ladders.

Commercial solar energy solutions in California can span many different industries and offer a variety of unique benefits depending on the owner. However, there is one niche where solar benefits have just begun to be realized – the public school system.

Commercial and industrial solar in California can also be installed on school property, and there are significant advantages once the project is completed. The top benefits that are making school districts adopt these projects include:

Solar Energy Can Lead to Significant Savings for Schools

Solar systems are an excellent fit for a school’s consistent electricity needs. Lighting, heating, cooling, and other vital functions can be powered or supplemented by a solar installation, leading to significant utilities savings for schools (this school in Tucson expects to save $43 million over 20 years).

Solar installations are also highly compatible with school designs, where rooftops, parking lots, on-site venues, and fields can all make excellent locations for a new solar system without impeding operation at all.

It’s not surprising – especially considering that many schools are facing budget challenges after struggling with COVID-19 – that solar installations are becoming a more common solution for schools looking to save money or manage budgets.

Financing and Incentives Also Apply to Schools

A variety of financing options created by California also apply to schools – including public and private schools, charter schools, and community colleges. These incentives are an excellent way to save on the initial costs of a project, making solar more manageable under strict budgets. Schools also have the option to arrange a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) with a partner like Coldwell Solar, where a provider covers all installation costs under a long-term contract to manage electricity generated by the system.

Blackout Prevention

When combined with a solar storage system to harness unused solar electricity for when it’s needed most, a solar installation can also help prevent periodic blackouts. Since a school can be shut down entirely by a blackout, solar storage that allows classes to progress can be particularly valuable in these situations. When not being used to help cover blackouts, solar storage can provide additional energy to the electric grid.

Solar Installations can Help Meet Sustainability Goals

Certain school districts or colleges may also have specific sustainability goals, including reducing their carbon footprints and using more renewable energy. Commercial solar installations for schools are ideal ways to meet these goals while also saving money for the institution.

Solar Energy is a Great Teaching Tool

At schools that already have solar installation, we are seeing a variety of useful ways the school is incorporating the installation as a teaching tool. Math teachers are using the solar energy production data to help teach students fractions, algorithms, and more. Science teachers are using the projects as an example of how solar energy and greenhouse gases work. Instead of being a passive component to school structures, solar installations are inspiring new teaching techniques that can offer students a real-world example on campus.

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The Fed has passed a bill granting renewable energy funds, meaning an expanded tax credit for renewable energy users

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