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How to Submit WAIRE Reports to the South Coast Air Quality Management District

By December 16, 2022Blog, News
Looking down on trucks parked at the loading docks of a warehouse surrounded by green land and blue sky.

The WAIRE Program, developed by South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), uses a menu-based point system for regulating and maintaining warehouse operators and owners for various behaviors. Simply defined, the WAIRE Program forbids warehouse owners and operators from employing machinery and energy that emits nitrogen and diesel fumes.

With the modernization and increment of factories and warehouses, our environment is on the verge of destruction. So, to avoid that, many measures are taken worldwide. WAIRE Program by the SCAQMD is no different. Let’s delve into the depth of the WAIRE Program and its criteria.

What is WAIRE Program?

The world is slowly and steadily realizing that we won’t have breathable air in some years due to the pollutants we emit in this environment. The sudden climate change proves this analysis, and our coming generations will be affected by it the most.

The WAIRE Program was created SCAQMD to cut back on environmentally harmful pollutants. The poor condition of the ecosystem is the primary reason for this initiative. With so many warehouses in use, pollutants and emissions increased, harming the residents and posing long-term risks.

This program manages warehouse facilities for various uses using a detailed point-based structure. The project mandates that warehouse owners and operators use renewable energy sources, like solar energy, to lower hazardous gas emissions and improve air quality along the South Coast.

Purpose of the WAIRE Program

The WAIRE Program’s primary goal and objective are to lower hazardous emissions in metropolises like Riverside, Los Angeles, and Orange County. California government will monitor local and regional warehouses to ensure they exclusively use eco-friendly substitutes.

Moreover, these alternate energy solutions must meet the quality standards set by the SCAQMD. In most cases, warehouse owners and operators will require professional assistance to adhere to WAIRE regulations, especially regarding green fuel for transportation.

To protect the environment, warehouse operators must drive zero-emission vehicles and deliver zero-emission refrigeration equipment. When warehouse operators and owners move to eco-friendly shipping techniques, they receive points under this initiative.

Additionally, these people can earn points for each trip they take in an emission-friendly truck. The SCAQMD is aware that switching to environmentally friendly practices would be expensive for owners of warehouse businesses. Because of this, SCAQMD additionally allows them to buy WAIRE points using a mitigation charge in exchange for reaching compliance.

What is WPCO?

WPCO is the abbreviation of WAIRE Points Compliance Obligation. It is actually a method to reduce emissions related to transportation into and out of their facility. Warehouse operators are required to generate a certain number of points for each compliance period.

How Is WPCO Calculated?

One of the most typical ways to earn points is by paying a mitigation charge. However, if you want to spend less on fees, you can either adhere to the various WAIRE Program actions or carry out tasks under a site-specific WAIRE plan.

The SAQMD offers cost savings to warehouse facilities that switch to zero-emission trucks and vehicles. You can receive additional benefits, such as saving the extra points for a later date or transferring some of your points to other locations by accumulating more points.

The following formula helps calculate the number of WAIRE Points a warehouse operator must accrue during the compliance period:

π‘Šπ‘ƒπΆπ‘‚ = π‘Šπ΄π‘‡π‘‡π‘  Γ— π‘†π‘‘π‘Ÿπ‘–π‘›π‘”π‘’π‘›π‘π‘¦ Γ— ( π΄π‘›π‘›π‘’π‘Žπ‘™ π‘‰π‘Žπ‘Ÿπ‘–π‘Žπ‘π‘™π‘’)

  • WPCO represents the annual point total that a WAIRE home operator must achieve.
  • The amount of trips a truck completes in a calendar year is measured in WATTs (weighted annual truck trips).
  • Stringency means 0.0025 WAIRE points per WATT.

The weighted annual truck trips (WATTs) include all truck trips to and from the warehouse during the compliance period while the warehouse operator was in charge of overseeing the operations.

The warehouse operator shall collect truck monitoring and evaluation report using methods that produce a verifiable and accurate record, per the WAIRE Program Implementation Guidelines.

Based on the user’s input for each warehouse’s annual truck trips, the User Calculator determines the WPCO. Although original data will be needed for regulation compliance, average truck trip rates are available in cases where the annual number of truck trips is currently unknown.

How Do Warehouse Owners Submit The Report To South Coast AQMD?

To participate in the WAIRE Program, warehouse operators must gain points by carrying out tasks from the WAIRE Menu, putting into practice an approved Custom WAIRE Plan, or paying an annual mitigation charge.

Warehouse operators must also submit reports about facility operations and compliance strategies. Warehouse owners must produce an informational report (Warehouse Operators Notification) on their warehouses and building spaces. Also, the Initial Site Information Report and Annual WAIRE Report are essential.

The warehouse owners can submit their reports easily using the newly launched WAIRE Program Online Portal (POP). By using this website, you can also submit your fees.

How Can Stay Updated On Any Changes, Amendments, or New Rules?

There are numerous ways to stay updated or get notifications about new rules. You can contact or email South Coast AQMD regarding all your queries. Moreover, you can check for news and events, calendar, and current news.

How Do I Learn More About South Coast AQMD Regulations and Requirements?

To schedule a free facility inspection by a South Coast AQMD representative to determine what is necessary, contact the Small Business Assistance Office at 1-800-388-2121. South Coast AQMD also conducts compliance classes to assist facility owners and operators in understanding the rule and permit requirements.

Call South Coast AQMD at 1-800-425-6247 (1-800-4-CLN-AIR) for more details, sign up for a compliance class, or email them at [email protected].

What Is Air Quality Regulation?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) develops health-based air quality standards that all states must meet under the Federal Clean Air Act.

By decreasing emissions from business and industry, the SCAQMD creates plans and regulations to meet these public health standards. These public health standards are better for the population. The WAIRE Program will improve quality of life.

The Governing Board of SCAQMD adopts regional plans and regulations and presents them to the California Air Resources Board and the EPA.

How Does South Coast AQMD Create The WAIRE Program Rules?

The SCAQMD team creates regulations intended to lower air pollution. Every proposed rule is given a chance for public comment, and the South Coast AQMD carefully considers its economic impact. The general public can provide comments and express worries about the effects of a new rule at open workshops. Before voting on a new or altered rule, the South Coast AQMD Governing Board has a final public hearing.

How Does Coldwell Solar Help Warehouse Operators Comply With The WAIRE Program?

The WAIRE Program is an excellent initiative to guarantee that our future generations have a safe environment. Ongoing modernization, a sharp rise in warehouse construction, and their associated emissions cause general environmental degradation and poor air quality.

SCAQMD has developed a point-based WAIRE Program specifically for warehouse owners and operators to reduce harmful pollutants like toxins and nitrogen emissions. You can achieve it by using environmentally friendly solutions and alternative energy sources, such as solar energy.

Although the WAIRE Program’s objective is to enhance South Coast air quality, many people could find it difficult to adhere to its regulations. Managing daily operations for warehouse owners is already challenging, so adding compliance with a complicated program like WAIRE could be challenging.

For effectively carrying out the strategy, many businesses offer solutions for renewable energy sources like solar-powered energy generation for warehouses. Our specialists at Coldwell Solar offer the best advice on the WAIRE Program report submissions. We have the knowledge and skills to improve your WAIRE scores, ensuring complete compliance and optimum operations of your warehouse.

Coldwell Solar has assisted numerous warehouse operators and owners in California to implement green solutions. We thoroughly inspect your premises before offering a solution since every warehouse facility requires a solution specific to their requirements.

We offer customizable solar solutions for energy, while working towards providing a holistic approach for cost and energy savings. Because we hold expertise in our field, industry experts recognize us as the pioneers of green solutions for warehouses in California. Contact us to discuss your unique needs, and our qualified professionals will be ready to help you meet them.


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