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WAIRE Program Guide

By December 22, 2022Blog, News
Aerial view of solars panels on the roofs of an L-shaped warehouse building.

The South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) established the Warehouse Actions and Investments to Reduce Emissions (WAIRE) Program to reduce environmentally harmful emissions. The program includes a comprehensive point-based framework that governs various actions of warehousing facilities. The unfavorable environmental conditions on the South Coast were one of the primary drivers behind launching this operation. There were too many greenhouse gas emissions in many counties due to the thousands of warehouses functioning there, negatively impacting people in these areas.

By requiring warehouses to utilize green energy alternatives, the South Coast AQMD launched this program to reduce emissions and enhance the South Coast air quality. It’s reasonable to state that WAIRE is a relatively new system, and many people are unaware of what it is and how it functions. If you operate or own a warehouse in California, keep reading to learn more about this program’s ins and outs.

What is the WAIRE Program?

The WAIRE Program or Rule 2305 focuses on major counties in California, including Orange County, Los Angeles County, and Riverside County. This program’s main objective is enforcing environmental regulations on California’s regional and local warehouses.  These substitutes must adhere to the South Coast Air Quality Management District’s quality criteria.

To improve the quality of the air by lowering nitrogen and other harmful environmental pollutants, South AQMD launched the WAIRE Program in May 2021. A 2017 study demonstrated how global climate change has affected the nitrogen in the ecosystem. In the future nitrogen levels will sharply rise, limiting the amount of breathable air, especially in the United States.

How Does WAIRE Work?

The WAIRE Program is only for warehouse owners with more than 100,000 square feet of space in a single structure. There are 2,902 warehouse owners and 3,995 warehouse operators across the entire state of California.

All of these owners and operators must follow standards for compliance and reporting. Numerous warehouses have been functioning carelessly, which has affected the environment. They lack the necessary tools and vehicles to guarantee no dangerous emissions.

To comply with this initiative, they must develop zero-emission transportation trucks and other warehousing equipment, including transportation of refrigeration units.

Warehouse owners and operators will earn points by implementing the improvements stated in the program. The WAIRE software uses a menu-based system, and the alternative allows you to accrue more points with each journey gradually.

Making all the modifications is complex, and SCAQMD is aware of this. Not every warehouse will have the funds on hand immediately to undertake the significant changes. For this reason, they also provide some flexibility through mitigation costs.

They allow you to buy the WAIRE points for a reduced price to assist you in getting started. The mitigation fee will make it simple for you to achieve compliance. This program is advantageous for warehouse operators, owners, the general public, and the environment. The SCAQMD seeks to reduce emissions by 10 to 15 percent by 2031.

What Is the Purpose of the WAIRE Program?

The WAIRE Program aims to improve the environment. Climate change is concerning, and if we don’t take proper care of the environment, it might be too late to reverse it. This law, therefore, works to reduce the emissions of dangerous gases to protect the environment.

The decision applies to all regional and local warehouses in the counties of California. The WAIRE initiative encourages operators and owners to embrace greener options. For warehouses to qualify for the indirect source criterion, they must have a single building and an internal floor area of at least 100,000 square feet as mentioned above.

The primary goal is to lower diesel and nitrogen oxide emissions. All the residents of those counties could benefit from better public health thanks to the WAIRE Program. The warehouses should use environmentally friendly alternatives and follow the South Coast AQMD’s standards for quality.

What Are WAIRE Points? How Can You Earn WAIRE Points?

WAIRE points are one of the most crucial elements of the program. To comply, each California-area warehouse must accumulate a certain number of points annually. Warehouses must use alternate modes of transportation during as many trips as possible to gather these. The calculation includes the trips made to and from the warehouse. The travel will be multiplied by 2.5 if they are made by heavy vehicles like tractors or tractor-trailers.

There are additional ways to accumulate points. It is possible to carry out any of the WAIRE Menu’s action combinations that will assist you in getting the required points. Additionally, points can be earned for taking actions permitted by the site-specific custom plan. Lastly, paying the mitigation fee is one of the simplest ways to earn WAIRE Points.

A warehouse must earn the proper number of points throughout the compliance period. There is an option to use additional bank points for the previous year if the total rises. Transferring it to a different warehouse under the same management is another choice for warehouse owners and operators.

If the South Coast AQMD has jurisdiction over a warehouse facility, they must adhere to the WAIRE Program and accrue points regularly. This is due to the program’s menu-based points structure, which requires warehouse facilities to accrue a certain number of points annually.

The points system ensures those who manage or own warehouses can adhere to WAIRE’s high standards and avoid using environmentally harmful energy sources.

Alternative Energy Accepted by WAIRE

Clean energy is produced using renewable natural resources or techniques using alternative energy generation technology. Time of year and the environment can affect their availability.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is primarily safe when compared to other forms of energy. Most importantly, renewable energy is an excellent option for anyone who can install solar energy equipment because it produces no greenhouse emissions or water pollution. The most wonderful thing about solar energy technology is how little maintenance it needs, which keeps the cost down.

This energy source is ideal for urban environments because it emits no noise pollution. People have used solar energy for years to heat their homes, dry food, and develop crops. The globe could be powered for a year by the energy that the planet absorbs in just one hour. That is why many companies have switched to solar energy from their local utility supplier.

Wind Energy

Many claim that installing wind turbines doesn’t make much sense because of current technological advancements. Wind energy has emerged as a desirable choice for warehouse managers because wind turbine blades move with the wind and charge electricity generators.

Overall, wind energy makes up around 10% of the nation’s entire power generation and is a reasonably affordable energy source. Installing wind turbines benefits warehouse operators by decreasing and eliminating dangerous emissions.

The Importance of Adopting Alternative Energy Solutions

Alternative energy solutions help to reduce dangerous emergency emissions globally. Frequently, the availability of these resources depends on the time, the weather, and other significant circumstances. Renewable energy options have been available have proven beneficial for users.

Solar power is one such example that has been useful for many years and is entirely secure. This alternative energy source is noteworthy because it doesn’t produce any greenhouse gases or pollutants, making it an excellent choice for any warehouse. To employ sustainable energy, Coldwell Solar may assist you in deciding where to put solar panels in your warehouse.

Contrary to widespread assumption, alternative energy options are relatively economical, primarily due to their long-term value. Although installing equipment may initially cost more than using conventional energy sources, the long-term costs of these solutions are lower. Consider speaking with our specialists to determine whether the solution you seek would be practical for your area.

Solar Energy Solutions from Coldwell Solar

The South Coast AQMD implemented the WAIRE Program as a regulation to get rid of nitrogen and other dangerous gases from warehouses. They established the WAIRE points system to motivate warehouse operators and owners to make key changes. Points are awarded to warehouse facilities that implement environmentally friendly strategies, such as solar energy equipment or environmentally friendly cars. Coldwell Solar offers warehouses solar energy solutions that enable them to comply with WAIRE Program requirements. We urge South Californian warehouses to implement solar-powered energy systems to help positively impact the environment.

The Fed has passed a bill granting renewable energy funds, meaning an expanded tax credit for renewable energy users

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