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What is the Cost of Commercial Solar Panel Maintenance?

By January 19, 2023Blog, News
Two solar company workers standing on a commercial building roof between rows of solar panels and examining a computer tablet.

You can reduce your reliance on the grid if you install solar panels. Installing solar panels will enable you to save money on your energy costs and be eligible for tax breaks and rebates. This is why more and more people are deciding to go solar. However, it is essential to keep in mind that maintenance is necessary for your solar panels if you want them to keep providing you with power.

An essential part of maintenance is performing thorough cleaning at least twice a year. Solar panels accumulate dust and filth over time, and the rain won’t be able to thoroughly wash it away. You have to get them cleaned so they can work to their greatest capacity. You can avail of this service from professionals, and it is affordable.

Switching to renewable energy and installing a solar energy array can help your business save money on energy costs and lessen the carbon footprint of your building. The good news is that solar panels last for more than 25 years, giving you plenty of time to regain your investment even though they aren’t inexpensive.

It is also essential for you to maintain your solar panels to get the most out of them and make sure that they last as long as possible. We will discuss the information you need about solar panel maintenance below, such as how much it will cost to maintain your solar panels, how you can maintain them, and even more.

How Can You Maintain Solar Panels?

Worker checking solar panels on a roof.

Fortunately, you need a little upkeep to continue using solar panels effectively and provide your business with solar energy. Cleaning is the most needed maintenance for your panels, particularly after storms or a long time with no rain, as dirt and debris can accumulate on your panels.

If you continuously clean solar panels, you can get rid of debris and ensure your solar panels receive the ideal amount of light. You should also execute an annual check for your solar panels. A solar company in California like Coldwell Solar can design, install and maintain your solar system.

How often do Solar Panels Need to be Maintained?

We have mentioned earlier that solar panels require relatively little maintenance; you must consider these for maintenance:

  • Cleaning: It would be better if you schedule a cleaning for your solar panels twice a year; if you live where rainfall is most frequent, your solar panels may not accumulate much dirt and debris, and you can clean them only once a year.
  • Annual Inspection: You can hire a professional to inspect your solar panels annually to ensure they function correctly.
  • Additional Maintenance: You can plan for cleanings if you live where it doesn’t rain a lot.

How to Identify When Your Solar Panels Need Maintenance?

Close up view of man's hand showing dust on a solar panel.

Your solar panels won’t need many inspections except cleaning and routine maintenance. However, some warning signs to watch out for can mean your panels need maintenance earlier than expected.

Another sign is a low generation of energy by your solar panels. It would be better if you book an appointment with a solar professional if you discover that your solar panels aren’t producing as much energy as they usually do and that your power bill has increased.

Is Solar Panel Installation a Long-Term Investment?

Installing solar panels is a long-term investment that can last for decades with very little upkeep, but that doesn’t imply you should install them once and leave them alone. Consider scheduling a yearly inspection and cleaning, and be aware of potential issues like storm damage or overhanging trees.

It would be best if you kept them regularly maintained and cleaned by professionals to ensure they remain in excellent condition and continue providing benefits.

Several factors can influence the price of maintenance services. Location comes first. Most solar panels are installed on rooftops, but others may be ground-mounted. To ensure sufficient accessibility and safety, contractors might need to hire more workers or put in more hours.

Another factor is size. To ensure top performance, a broader array of systems requires more time for inspection and cleaning. The yearly cost is lowered by bundling. If repairs are necessary, you should prepare to pay more. Simple cleaning and inspection are all that are needed for routine maintenance. Most models have the same fundamental design; however, some need unique tools to maintain and clean.

The cost is also influenced by the kind of inverter used in your solar panel. A micro inverter replacement will be far more expensive than a string inverter replacement if your inverter fails. The environment surrounding the panels is also a cost factor.

If you have trees growing close to your building or ground-mounted solar array, it’ll develop shade for your system. To keep your system functioning correctly, you’ll probably need to pay for trimming the trees regularly.

Benefits of Maintaining Solar Panels

Worker standing behind solar panel cleaning it with a duster.

Solar panel cleaning has several advantages. It lessens the likelihood that your systems will be harmed, which is the first advantage. Because of their sensitivity, the units need to be handled carefully when being cleaned.

A specialist will guarantee that the systems are slightly at risk when the cleaning is being done. The expert specialist then gives you detailed information on the state of your system while cleaning them. They also let you know whether anything needs to be replaced or repaired.

It’s best to leave the cleaning to the pros. Electric lines cross the roof, endangering your safety and making climbing on the roof risky and unsafe. Only experts can ascend to the roof, clean the units, and safely finish the job.

Cleaning the system is just as essential as maintaining and cleaning your vehicle. The cost is less than you would pay for a replacement or repair if it were broken.

Signs Your Solar System Needs Maintenance

You shouldn’t be concerned about maintenance if your solar panel is still generating power at the same rate it did when it was first installed. The main indication that something is wrong with your system is when the output is decreased.

You should arrange cleaning or inspection to determine what is causing your solar panels to generate low performance if your electricity usage has been constant. Still, you notice that you are buying more electricity from the grid.

Facts about Solar Panels Warranties

Warranties ensure that they will survive for a specific number of years. Although some warranties are up to 25 years old, they usually run between 10 and 20 years. These warranties ensure that your solar panels won’t perform below a predetermined level. They also cover unforeseen damage to your solar panels caused by storms and other uncontrollable factors.

However, it’s necessary to keep in mind that your solar panel warranty may specify that your panels are only insured if you maintain them properly. However, your guarantee may not be valid if you don’t clean your solar panels more often and accumulated debris shortens their usable life.

Other Factors Regarding Solar Maintenance

Three workers cleaning solar panels with water on roof of commercial building.

The following are the other factor that may influence your solar panels.

1. Freezing Temperatures

Your solar panels may freeze in freezing conditions, which can be very difficult. Some advanced thermal heating systems use antifreeze such as ethylene glycol or propylene glycol solutions to get around the temperature problem.

2. Own Vs. Lease

Regular upkeep and repairs are the solar company’s duty if you lease your system. You are most likely accountable if you own your system.

3. Roof Replacement

The solar panels must be professionally removed if the roof needs to be replaced, though you may decide to do it yourself. A contractor will typically bill $2,500 for removal and reinstallation.

The size of the roof, the ease of access to the roof, and the size of the panel are some of the variables that may affect this. Additionally, there won’t be any electricity generated during the transition.

4. Monitoring Equipment

Most solar panel systems feature monitoring equipment as standard equipment or an optional purchase. The monitoring tools help keep tabs on energy generation and consumption, letting you know whether your system is operating as expected.

Coldwell Solar Can Maintain Your Solar System

Solar panels cost more than the other appliances in your home. But the good news is that they usually last longer and need less maintenance. Your solar panels require cleaning and an annual inspection as regular maintenance. And if your solar panels are functioning properly, they won’t require any more maintenance throughout the year.

If you want to install commercial solar panels, contact Coldwell Solar for detailed information.



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