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What is the Process for Investing in Commercial Solar?

By February 22, 2023Blog, News

Businesses are taking the next step and going green by opting for solar power as their main energy source. Be it cottage businesses or big corporations, there is a major shift to solar power because they now understand all the benefits that come with shifting to commercial solar power.

If you are a business owner, you should think about switching to commercial solar and getting all the benefits. Not only is switching to solar a great help to your finances but it will also help you come up with an environmentally conscious business. When you have finalized your decision it is important for you to get started with the process right away so you can start getting the benefits as soon as possible.

It can be intimidating to begin the process, and that is why many businesses shy away from starting it to begin with. In this article, you will get all the information you need about the process of investing in commercial solar for your business.

Process for Commercial Solar

Looking across rows of black solar panels mounted on the roof of a commercial building with blue sky and clouds in the background.

This is what you can expect when you start your commercial solar installation process:

1. Evaluation

The very first step includes an in-depth evaluation. Experts will come over to your space and evaluate different factors to determine if a solar installation is a good idea for you and how they can install it to maximize benefits.

Without a proper evaluation, the solar company will not be able to begin the design and installation process. The evaluation helps them come up with a comprehensive plan and design. For the evaluation, the company may consider factors such as legal documents. They will go through all legal documents to ensure that you satisfy all the legal requirements to construct and operate a solar energy system.

Furthermore, they will think of all the ways they can connect the complete power system with the power grid, so there are no problems in the future. Other factors of evaluation include a shade analysis, structural evaluation and topographical and geographical surveys.

Accuracy is very important here as your complete solar system will depend on all the data collected in the evaluation.

2. Design

Once the solar company collects all the information they need, they move to the next step, and that is designing. Any ideas they may have will be put on paper into comprehensive design plans. The first step of designing is drawing. Engineers will design a drawing where they illustrate all the places they will install the solar panels and determine the best arrangement style. In these drawings, the experts will also determine the construction styles.

Furthermore, the experts will also come up with permit drawings that will be used to get all the necessary permits.

Once all the designs are finalized, they will be converted into blueprints that will help in the construction of the project.

3. Construction

Construction of the solar power installation is the most time taking part of the complete installation. It can take as long as 12 weeks for the instruction to be complete. However, the timeline depends on the project. If it is complex or bigger in size then it will take more time to complete. Before the company begins working on the construction they will give you an estimate of the timeframe and what the project plan looks like.

Keeping these plans in mind, you can make necessary adjustments to your business and ensure that you do not face any losses. You can either move your business away from the construction site, or you can change up the working hours, so the installation doesn’t disrupt your production and the rest of the business.

Be prepared for instances such as power outages and look for alternative sources for the time being. On the other hand, if you choose a good company, they will be sure not to invade your business and be as non-invasive as possible.

4. Commissioning

The next step after construction is commissioning. This is the final step in the installation process and is the confirmation you need to ensure that you can start using your commercial solar system. The solar installation provider will complete the commissioning. They will conduct a detailed inspection of the factors and tools to ensure that the system operates in the best way possible.

These experts will evaluate whether or not the system is able to operate according to your expectations and the needs of your business.

In the commission process, the company will permit you to establish a connection to the local power grid and start using your system. This is where you can start receiving the benefits of a commercial solar installation.

5. Operation & Maintenance

Know that once you install a commercial solar system, you need to keep up with its maintenance so that it operates to its full capacity.

The contract with your commercial solar company will list down all the provisions of maintenance they offer for your solar panel system. To ensure that you get the best services, you need to connect with a high-quality company, so they have the best services with regard to operations and management. This may include annual inspections, regular monitoring, cleaning and warranty repairs.

Permissions For Solar Panels On Commercial Buildings

Solar panels for commercial businesses are a comparatively newer concept and not all commercial properties are designed for installation. Therefore, you need to get planning permission from authorities such as the local municipal or business authority before you can get on with the solar panel installation.

Submit all the documents they want and the detailed plans of what you want. The municipal is most likely to be appreciative of your efforts and they will accommodate you so you can easily make the switch. But they may ask you a few questions before granting permission such as:

  • What is the capacity of your roof when it comes to loading bearing
  • What arrangements can you make for maintenance and cleaning?
  • Do you need to remove any structures or plants to accommodate the installation?
  • If there are any restrictions on the type of solar panels.

What’s Next?

Four rows of solar panels on a commercial building roof with green landscaping and mountains in the background.

Now that your installation is complete, this is where everything begins. You need to ensure that your system is very productive. If you take care of your system, you will be able to extend its life significantly. Let’s take a look at all the benefits you will experience if you get a commercial solar panel system.

Boosts Property Value

Your commercial property will see a significant boost in its value as soon as you install a commercial solar system. Commercial solar panels are a lucrative attraction for businesses, and if you were to sell your commercial property some years down the road, you might be able to get a great percentage of money.

Marketing Privileges

Customer today is very conscious about the environment. Many customers now read up on the history and mechanics of the business before they order or buy from you. If businesses are oblivious to problems like climate change and are not doing anything to fix them, then customers will take their business elsewhere.

This is where you can capitalize on your solar panel systems. Market yourself as an environmentally conscious business that is doing its best to reduce its carbon footprint on the environment. Show your commitment to sustainability and win the vote of the masses.

Environmental Benefits

Commercial businesses need to be very considerate when it comes to the environment, and they have a great opportunity to benefit the environment. When a business converts to solar energy, it can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and depend on renewable energy rather than fossil fuels.

Saves Money

Running a full-blown commercial business will help you save a lot of money. Energy bills can be very expensive and eat into your profits. Once you switch to solar, you will not have to depend on the energy grid and will be making your electricity which will help you cut down greatly on your expenses.

 What Should You Ask Your Commercial Solar Company?

When you start the process of going commercial, you can ask any of the following questions from your provider:

  • What guarantees are included in the contract?
  • How much will it cost me to install a solar system?
  • What is the timeline of the complete process?
  • What kind of material are you using for the solar cell?

Connect With Coldwell Solar Today

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Let’s join hands and ensure that you get the best solar panel installation with premium operations and maintenance services!


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