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Who is Not Affected by the WAIRE Program?

By December 30, 2022Blog, News
Two male warehouse operators meeting by a desk and checking inventory in the background.

As we know, the WAIRE Program targets warehouse owners and operators. The aim is to reduce nitrogen emissions in LA and subsidiary neighborhoods to improve the quality of life. Basically, this program prevents warehouse owners and operators from utilizing machinery and fuel that could pollute the air.

This article will briefly discuss the WAIRE program, its eligibility criteria, and those unaffected by it.

What is WAIRE Program?

Aerial view of industrial building with solar panels on the roof.

The South Coast AQMD established the WAIRE initiative to reduce environmentally hazardous pollutants. A comprehensive point-based structure is used in this application to manage warehousing facilities for a range of purposes.

The initiative aims to reduce harmful gas emissions and makes it mandatory for warehouse owners and operators to use renewable energy sources and enhance the air quality along the South Coast.

But what made them introduce a whole program dedicated to warehouses? Undoubtedly, the terrible state of the ecosystem was one of the key drivers behind launching this program. With so many warehouses operating, there was increasing pollution and emissions, damaging the locals and contributing to long-term hazards.

Shocking changes in climate may make it too late to reverse if we don’t care for the environment as we should. To protect the environment, this law, therefore, works to reduce the emissions of dangerous gases. The primary goal is to lower diesel and nitrogen oxide emissions.

How Does the WAIRE Program Work?

White semi truck parked at row of warehouse loading docks.

Before we get into who is affected, you should know how the WAIRE program works. Owners and operators of California warehouse facilities who implement environmentally friendly machinery and vehicles for their operations receive points from the program.

Additionally, each journey you take in a truck that runs on environmentally friendly gasoline will earn WAIRE points. The South Coast AQMD offers facility operators and owners the option to purchase WAIRE points by paying a mitigation charge because it is aware of the financial challenges many have while transitioning to environmentally sustainable alternatives.

The SAQMD requires warehouse operators and owners to adhere to a point system. You will receive particular points each year when selecting equipment for alternative energy generation.

Warehouse operations with trucks and chargers for zero-emission vehicles are eligible for savings incentives from SCAQMD. Additionally, gaining more points will provide you with extra perks, like moving them to another warehouse and saving extra points for the following year.

You can only earn WAIRE points if you are a warehouse operator. You are not obligated to accrue WAIRE points if you own a warehouse but are not an operator yourself. The rule still holds even if the operator in your warehouse does not earn the required quantity of WAIRE points.

Current Compliance Timeline

This timeline of the WAIRE Program by the warehouse sizes will have a significant impact.

  • It will be necessary for warehouses with 250K SF or more to start tracking and self-reporting for compliance by Aug 2, 2022.
  • Between 150K and 250K SF, Warehouses will begin by Aug 1, 2023.
  • The first 100K SF to 150K SF of warehouses would start by July 31, 2024.

This decision is anticipated to affect 3,995 California warehouse operators and 2,902 warehouse owners. The business viability of clean energy fleets will be a significant obstacle to compliance for owners and operators.

Who Is Unaffected By The WAIRE Program?

Areas like Los Angeles County, Riverside County, and Orange County are the focus of the WAIRE Program initiative. All the residents of those counties could benefit from better air quality. This program ensures that all the warehouses must use environmentally friendly alternatives.

It’s a good initiative concerning the impacts of climate change that we have seen recently. If we don’t adhere to the guidelines now, our environment will be a complete disaster in the coming years.

It targets medium-sized warehouses with 100,000 square feet or larger indoor spaces in a single structure.

Are there any Exemptions?

Here are some of the exemptions of the WAIRE program for warehouse owners and operators.

Operators who carry out warehousing operations on an indoor floor area of less than 50,000 sq ft may be exempt from some provisions of the rule. But, even then, they are only exempted if the minimum required WAIRE scores are lower than 10.

Operators are also exempt in cases where the WAIRE menu solutions work poorly owing to events beyond their control, such as product failure.

Are warehouses with less than 50,000 or more than 100,000 indoor spaces immune to the WAIRE Program?

Yes! Only the space in your warehouse used for operational needs will be eligible for the WAIRE program. But, if you are planning to use that area or extend your warehouse in the future, you should plan ahead.

Who Must Comply with WAIRE?

Two warehouse operators walking through an aisle of a warehouse.

WAIRE program applies to any warehouse owner or operator if they lease for warehousing an area bigger than 50,000 sq ft in a warehouse that’s more than 250,000 square feet. Also, they need to obtain WAIRE points in that scenario.

Owners and operators of warehouses with more than 100,000 square feet of indoor space used for warehousing activities come under the warehouse ISR.

The compliance and reporting requirements of the WAIRE program currently apply to more than 4,000 operators. The warehouse ISR is applied over time depending on the suitable warehouse sizes in addition to the warehouse size applicability.

How Can Solar Energy Help Your Score Points For the WAIRE Program?

Solar energy is the alternative method that the company and warehouse owners can use. Here are some reasons solar energy is the best among all the renewable energy sources on the market.

Among the alternative energy sources, solar energy is the least damaging to the environment. And that is what we need more and is the crucial factor in WAIRE Program.

Solar energy neither pollutes the water nor contributes to the production of greenhouse gases, which ultimately results in harmful emissions costing the health of people and nearby residents.

It’s easy to maintain and doesn’t take up much time and energy.

It needs a tiny amount of water for services and maintenance. On the other hand, when we talk about nuclear power plants, they use about 20 times as much water.

You may think that solar energy is new in the market and has only grown popular in recent years, but that’s not the case. For thousands of years, people have used solar energy in their household things as drying food and keeping it warm.

How Can Coldwell Solar Help Warehouse Operators with The WAIRE Program?

Workers replacing solar panel on warehouse roof.

Many California-based warehouse owners and operators have found it challenging to comply with the WAIRE program. Even though the program’s goal is to improve the South Coast’s air quality, many people may find it difficult to follow its rules.

Owners of warehouses already have everyday operations to manage; adding compliance with a complex program like WAIRE can only make matters more complicated. Coldwell Solar offers comprehensive solar energy solutions for warehouses to help them execute the plan better.

Expert Assistance:

Industry experts recognize our company as the leading best practice solution as we provide a comprehensive approach to every system we install. The WAIRE Program’s standards can be a little intimidating for warehouse operators and owners. Our specialists can be of assistance to you here.

Site Analysis:

Before you order or purchase, we’ll walk your site. We’ll point out potential problems and opportunities for solar solutions and then tell you what you need.

Reduce Nitrogen Emissions:

Our company designs, installs and maintains commercial solar systems. We know that no two installations are ever the same, irrespective of the size of your facility. That’s why we’ll work with your installation partners on all technical requirements.

After your installation is complete, we’ll follow up to see how the system works and provide solutions to any issues that may arise.

Continuous Support:

We’ll ensure that every one of your employees understands how to use the new system and gets their questions answered quickly and accurately.

Coldwell Solar has been helping multiple California warehouse operators and owners incorporate solar energy solutions to protect the environment and improve the South Coast’s air quality. We know that every warehouse facility requires a tailor-made solution specific to their needs, which is why our experts evaluate your premises before providing a solution.

Connect with us now to discuss your specific needs, and our qualified experts will assist you in meeting them.



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